Wednesday, November 3, 2010

PaperlessPosters EdTech Workshop

I had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to be part of the Lancaster EdTech Conference hosted by Lancaster Middle School. My role as a workshop presenter was to present GlogsterEDU to session attendees. The title of my workshop was PaperlessPosters, and I put together a Wiki to assist in the introduction, interaction, and inspiration of GlogsterEDU.

I first introduced GlogsterEDU and Glogs by showcasing a Glog I had prepared for this event. It was created to provide an example of the functions of Glogs, and to introduce those in attendance to the uses of Glogs as well. They were able to see the different way to use text, graphics, videos, images, and audio in the creation of a Glog.

Those in attendance were also given the opportunity to explore, on their own, the functions of GlogsterEDU. Hands-on assistance and instruction was available as teachers took the time to familiarize themselves with Glogster, and brainstorm ways that they would be able to incorporate Glogs into their instruction.

The participants were also shown various other resources dealing with GlogsterEDU and Glogs. Visiting the Paperless Posters Wiki participants were able to explore more on their own the various aspects of creating a Glog and using GlogsterEDU.

The Conference experience was exciting and enriching for me as presenter and educator. Being able to share my passion for learning and introduce others to methods and tools I use in classroom was truly rewarding. A big thank you to Heidi Chaves and Lancaster Central Schools for affording me this opportunity.