Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glogs - 2 Ways

If you are unfamiliar with Glogs let me begin by describing what a Glog is. A Glog is a digital multi-media collage style poster created using GlogsterEDU. A Glog can include audio clips such as music and narration, video clips, digital images, web links, text, and graphics. Glogs can be created for any topic, and to display multiple forms of information. Here is how you can use Glogs in your classroom, 2 ways!

1-Content Presentations: The following Glog was created and presented in my US History classroom. The Glog was to be a simple Glog to introduce students to what a Glog is, and what a Glog can do. It was the lesson material for the day, and provided students with an interactive learning approach to content material surrounding the Constitutional Convention and the Federalist vs. Antifederalist debate over ratification. I was able to put multiple links, images, and information into a single Glog and present the material in a creative format that students enjoyed

This type of content instruction that a Glog provides allows a teacher to take lessons from ordinary to extraordinary with a little creative thought and planning. This is one of the ways that you can create excitement in your classroom by using GlogsterEDU

2-Creative Products: A second way to incorporate Glogs into your class is through student created projects. Below is an example of a student project. The project was to research and present the Economy of of a particular country. Students were to include multiple images, audio components, and links to additional information as they constructed a Glog to depict aspects a countries economy.

Utilizing Glogs in this manner enables the teacher to tap into student creativity and generate student interest. GlogsterEDU has numerous images, graphics,and text components that give students the opportunity to complete assignments while expressing themselves in a creative format. This gives them control over presentation functions and features, while maintaining class consistency through the use of a Glog as a product for learning.

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