Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scholar Club

In an attempt to promote and reward academic excellence and achievement at the High School level I have created the Scholar Club for the social studies students in room #63 at Hinsdale Central School. This program has been created to motivate students to strive for quality in their work, to go beyond the everyday expectations, and to demonstrate the leadership capabilities of someone who cares.

Our format for inductions is as follows, each month the students who meet the required criteria for membership will be inducted into the Scholar Club. In order to become a member students must meet class avg percentage requirements, must have one of the top five grades on a project, must have completed one voluntary community service project, have not been issued a detention, and must have no unexcused absences. If these criteria are met the student will automatically become a Scholar Club member and receive the rewards associated with membership.

Here is what being a member of the Scholar Club provides. First, the student will be showcased in the newsletter with a descriptive narrative describing their academic achievement. Next, the student will be recognized on the website and their project will receive special display format. Students will also have the option of dropping a low grade from their homework or a quiz. Finally, they will be granted special privileges for visiting either their locker or the library, and using the restroom during class time.

I often feel that high achievers are overlooked in a small rural environment and felt that this initiative would benefit those who aspire to achieve more. Due to the fact that I am limited in my authority, I was attempting to provide rewards that would viewed as special privileges from the students.

I am curious to see how this progresses in the coming months, but have already heard a buzz around the hallways.

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