Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Teacher Evaluation

Educators are often the first to be blamed for the downward spiral of student failure. Often the initial criticism that is offered by the public usually references how a teacher teaches. I submit that this is the symptomatic issue of a more destructive and underlying disease. The focus ought first to be on the reasons why they teach, then proceed to inspect the aspects of how they teach.
Consider why an educator enters the teaching profession. If you were to conduct a survey of teachers, I have found that an overwhelming majority will respond in one of three ways.

The first response is they become educators for the benefit of themselves. They enjoy the educator life. They feel entitled by the prestigious positions they hold. They are so enamored with their degree and have a sense of entitlement as to what that degree represents and stands for that they are disconnected from the student body and fail to see the team effort necessary for achievement.

The second response would focus on the fact that they teach for students. These people become so emotionally drawn into student conflict and difficulty that they neglect their duty and responsibility as an educator. They as constantly trying to solve problems, change individuals, and improve the self-worth of students. They are unaware that they do very little to help students see the actual problems the students create for themselves. The students are misled into thinking that failure is not their fault, but the system has failed them. This leads to student outcries and aggression towards all aspects of the district and can become a dangerous and unsafe problem for all.

The final response received would spotlight service, and those who feel teaching is a calling not a job. These are the people who are the risk takers, the cutting edge educators willing to make a difference in the lives of students by instructing them in both content and life. These people allow students to realize that they need to become self-monitoring, self-motivating, and self-modifying if they truly expect to succeed in all walks of life. Only be realizing that all aspects of life affect each other are students going to truly learn and achieve. These educators have a huge impact on the outlook and atmosphere of the school campus. This is the type of educating that is necessary through the school environment to promote student develop and student growth.

It can be very difficult for educators to meld practical strategies with a desire to learn. By anticipating challenges, recognizing problems, and being aware of practical solutions, a new teaching culture can overcome the obstacles that the present society has created.

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