Friday, May 21, 2010

Personal Teacher Assessment

An overwhelming majority of educators today have the desire to be effective in their classroom. They would, if asked, demonstrate willingness and longing to help students reach objectives and become academically proficient. It should be the desire of a teacher for all students to not only learn while in my classroom, but to become life-long learners as well. In order to accomplish this task teachers must be able recognize what effective teaching is and understand their role as an effective teacher and how it relates to student achievement.

An effective teacher has a greater impact on student learning than a school does. Educators must acknowledge two key tools in the teaching profession that can assist any teacher in becoming effective. Those two tools are time and energy. Furthermore there are four key areas that, when mastered, will enable any teacher to become effective. The four areas necessary to become effective are, Instructional Strategies, Classroom Management, Classroom Curriculum Design, and the Use of Assessment as a feedback tool.

By taking time to evaluate teachers in each of these four categories we should easily see how effective a particular teacher is, and identify where an educator is lacking in terms of professional development, growth, and effectiveness.

One tool to assist teachers in personal identification and growth is a simple self-assessment survey, like the one below. This is a generic listing of questions that challenges teachers to reflect and ponder their instruction, assessment, and curriculum implementation and perform the hardest evaluation of all, personal evaluation.

Please take the survey below and ponder the assessment implemented in your classroom.

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