Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where to Turn?

When facing a difficult situation or adversity one must begin a process of determining what course of action will change the circumstances and remove the hardship. The question I often ask myself is "Where to turn?" . For help, advice, encouragement, or support, we all need some assistance when faced with challenges, particularly in the field of education.

So where can you go to quickly find the aid that will enable you to remain resilient in your efforts to improve and learn? In three simple letters, PLN. Here you can find the help, relief, and encouragement you might desperately need and it is right at your fingertips. Being linked and networked in a Learning Community across the world affords you an opportunity to be exposed to numerous ideas, concepts, and guidance.

More than just a network of friends and colleagues, a PLN can provide the following for you;

A Staff for support - When reinforcement can validate you ideas!

A Compass for direction - When guidance can align your outcomes and objectives!

A Flashlight for illuminating ideas - When your creativity seems nonexistent!

A First Aid Kit for wounds - When opposition attempts to wipe out enthusiasm!

A Map to help get you "There" - When another's experience can route you to success!

I wish I could mention and showcase ALL those who have assisted me in these ways, but time and space will not permit. I can say that my PLN has proved to be the most valuable resource for personal learning, assistance, and motivation, and Twitter is the most valuable tool. From participation in #edchat, to asking advice/opinions, to viewing displays of work, Twitter brings so many together for a common goal - Improvement!

So, to each and everyone of you who have contributed to my improvement and challenged me in my education, for your willingness to collaborate and for all the resources that you have shared, I say Thank You! You are the ones I turn to