Monday, July 19, 2010

reNEWable sources

Burned Out or Dried Up?

What's the difference?

It took some personal discouragement and a campfire to initiate the following thoughts.
Watching a fire slowly go to ashes I couldn't help but question how many times the phrase "burned out" had been used in the educational field to describe an educator. Not that I know the answer specifically, but needless to say I am sure too many.

I have been questioning some of my own energy levels in recent weeks and began to focus on the energy release taking place while the wood was burning down. In the initial stage the fire was hot and beautiful, but that quickly dispersed with very little to remain at the end. Taking the personal perspective of the wood, I began to question myself. Was I consumed with little left to offer but ashes? I contemplated if there could be a better way to describe and identify my emotional state.

It came to me later while looking for a cleaning tool. I saw an old sponge. It lay crusty and hard on the bottom on the drawer, but quickly regained life once it was applied to water.

It struck me then. I could be the sponge. Not burned out with nothing left to offer, but dried up and in need of a NEW soaking.

We all on one occasion or another have felt dejected, discouraged, and probably down. But in what condition would you place yourself at this juncture? Burned Out? or Dried Up?

The key would appear to be finding a way to become exhilarated again and feel reNEWed.
To prevent further drying one must immerse themselves into a source of reNEWal.

For me it was to begin learning again...

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